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About Us

Step-N-Stor, LLC. is a local Cincinnati company founded in January of 2011. The company started as a brain child of Karen who woke up one morning thinking about a way to store things on her basement stairs. She got tired of bottles falling down the stairs after being knocked by the clothes basket she was carrying up the steps. Karen described her idea to her husband, former two time inventor, Bob, who immediately went to work designing the revolutionary cabinets.

When he got some rough prototypes made, they looked them over and discussed changes. Bob got to work on finalizing the example before seeking craftsmen to build an official prototype. Finally after several calls and internet searches, he settled on a local USA company, Custom Mill Craft in Fairfield, Ohio to build the prototype.

After viewing the finished prototype, Bob and Karen decided to jump in with both feet and give it a shot. They commissioned a trial supply to be manufactured to try to sell at a trade outlet until they got everything set up for internet and local distribution.

The vision for Step-N-Stor the second generation was soon in the works as many customers expressed their ideas about how they planned to use them. Most of the men wanted them for their tools or to use in the garage, therefore, they needed to be bigger. Thus Step-N-Stor ll was derived. The versatility of this new invention will revolutionize storage space and decorations for generations to come!

Step N Store Away is getting good reviews and numerous looks of interests. Hopefully this exciting venture will lead to a new revolution in storage for millions of consumers worldwide.